Sold to . . . #141!

If you follow Georgia & Daughter regularly, you know that we love thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales and of course, AUCTIONS!

Why do we love auctions? First, it’s an adrenaline rush to bid against someone else. Call us competitive. Second, you shop while sitting in a comfy seat, eating popcorn and while the crew displays the merchandise. No long lines, no traffic and no rude salesperson. Lastly, it really is entertainment. When we aren’t bidding on something, it’s fun to see how much it brings and who buys it. It’s the best form of people watching, ever!

We’ve been scouring local auctions to fill our booth ‘georgia & daughter’ at the Gainesville Antique Mall. As with any auctions, the piece goes to the highest bidder and sometimes, we are not the highest bidder. This past weekend, the pieces that we were bidding on for resale were going much higher than anticipated. So we shifted our focus on smaller items and then switched again, to personal items. Here are a few of our favorite finds that we will keep and reuse for our homes.

Georgia picked up this vintage settee for $20.50! She already has the fabric from a different project, a neutral cotton with a great texture. She is going to place it in her Master bedroom under a set of double windows.

Couch 2

Georgia also picked up a set of chairs for $12 for the pair! Best deal of the night. The chairs are in great shape and the cushions are still firm and reusable. They need new paint and some modern fabric but after a makeover, these chairs will look like a million bucks!

Charis 3

Chairs 2

And our most unique purchase? A very old and very large wooden pitch fork. The fork is about 9 – 10 feet in height. Daughter paid $20 for the striking piece. As we were loading, a lady came to speak with Daughter about the unusual find. She told her that similar wooden pitch forks are usually from Belgium. She had purchased several in auctions in Texas for three times our price. We have to take this information with a grain of salt but it sure adds a nice history to the conversation.

IMG_1409 with edits

So where did Daughter place the extra long pitch fork?

georgia & daughter: Living Room



georgia & daughter: Living Room


If you would like to attend an auction, you can check out for your local area. The website will search by zip codes. We hate to tell our ‘trade secrets’ but we personally attend Kyle Waters Auction Company in Jasper, GA.

~georgia & daughter

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