DIY Charging Station

We are so excited to share this new DIY project with you! It is such a simple fix for one of life’s little annoying problems.

georgia & daughter: DIY Charging Station

Lately, Daughter and her husband have been frustrated by their phone/iPad chargers. The chargers are always moving from room to room or disappearing altogether. Everyday they have to seek them out. To combat the issue, Daughter started shopping for a charging station from Potterybarn and Target but the stations all seem big and bulky. Not exactly what she needed/wanted. She sought a simple station for leaving the phones, iPad, loose change, keys, etc.


Neu Home Recharge Station – Target

So of course, if Daughter cannot find what she needs, she uses her DIY skills to solve the problem. For this project, Daughter found an old wooden tray in her craft supply. The tray was the perfect size since it fit both phones at the same time and the iPad.

Tray Before

Now Daughter had the right starting point, she needed to turn the simple tray into a working station. First, she laid out the phone charger cords and marked their hole locations.

Layout of Cords

Next, she used a drill and jig saw to create two small openings in the tray. The openings aren’t perfect and Daughter used a small amount of wood putty to fill the mistakes.

IMG_1616 with edits

IMG_1619 with edits

Now comes the fun part! Daughter could have painted the tray in a green or neutral color but she wanted to experiment! Could she wrap the entire tray with burlap? The texture would add some awesome dimension and personality to the simple tray!

Daughter used a large scrap of burlap and wanted to complete the project with minimal cuts (since burlap easily frays). She started in the center and worked toward the outer edges and then over the outside. Daughter brushed a thin layer of Mod Podge in the center of the tray to adhere the burlap. An old credit card helped smooth out the burlap and crease the inner corners.

IMG_1620 with edits

IMG_1621 with etids

The tray handles were the trickiest part to cut and glue. When you cut burlap, the edges fray and you’ll need a lot of Mod Podge! It just takes time and patience. On certain areas, Daughter used a gallop of glue and you can see the spots through the burlap. No worries! ModPodge dries completely clear!

The burlap was secured to the bottom of the gold tray with a staple gun. This provides more strength and tightness. She worked her way around the edge and cut the excess burlap.

IMG_1623 with edits

After a few hours of dry time, Daughter decided not to Mod Podge a top layer. She wanted the burlap to look natural and she was afraid the Mod Podge would stiffen it too much. In the photo below, you can see where Mod Podge has seeped through the burlap. Again, no worries since the glue will dry clear.

Finished Tray – Waiting for ModPodge to Dry

The DIY Charging Station is the perfect solution for those annoying cords! The phone cords fit  and remain in their slots and the burlap adds the right amount of character.

georgia & daughter: DIY Charging Station

georgia & daughter: DIY Charging Station


The iPad fits so nicely!

IMG_1636 with edits

The best part of this project? It did not cost any money! All the supplies were found in Daughter’s home. Tray, burlap, Mod Podge and the tools were left over from other projects. That beats spending over $50 for a simple accessory!

~georgia & daughter

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