A Patriotic Picture Frame

July 4th is absolutely our favorite holiday! Well, besides Christmas, but as it’s a close second. You may remember our over-the-top Lakeside Celebration: A July4th Boat Dock. Georgia stills loves her American Pallet Flag and hangs it in her back yard.

This year we have another amazing Americana project to reveal on Monday. Before then, we want to inspire you with a mini-project: a Patriotic Picture Frame.

georgia & daughter: Patriotic Picture Frame - July 4th


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{DIY} Louisiana Sportsman Welcome Mat

We sincerely apologize for being MIA over the last few weeks. No worries, we are still DIYing and creating, but a few big projects have seized our attention! We were in the ‘not-so-fun’ stage of covering up nail holes, priming walls and painting large rooms; nothing exciting to share on the blog! We’ve turned the corner on the projects and will have a few amazing, revamped bedrooms to show you in the coming weeks!

Before the room transformation reveals, we want to highlight some smaller projects. Up first, our DIY Louisiana Sportsman Welcome Mat!

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Our 100th Episode!

Yah! We’re celebrating our 100th post today!

We started this journey in May 2013 and had one simple goal: to share our passion and love for the DIY lifestyle. It’s been an amazing experience and we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of our family, friends and our readers! So THANK YOU!

In honor of our 100th post, we wanted to share our favorite projects from the past year.

Georgia’s Favorite Projects

Georgia knew exactly what projects to select. She chose her favorites based on emotional impact and the story behind the pieces.

PicMonkey Collage - Georgia

1. American Pallet Flag – Georgia loved this flag from the moment we put it the pallet wood together. She has since moved the pallet flag from the dock to her yard fence to greet her country neighbors.

2. Spring Tulip Wreath – The bright tulips were a fresh welcome after a long, harsh winter. This simple tutorial is one of Georgia’s favorites to date.

3. Beautiful but Flawed Dresser – Georgia has always had a soft spot in her heart for this little dresser. She had to convince Daughter to purchase it at an auction and painted in Georgia’s signature color.

4. Made in the U.S.A. Series – Georgia continues to support local artists and craftsmen. She couldn’t pick just her favorite so she picked the entire series. Catnaps & CartwheelsPainted Expressions – Made in the U.S.A Christmas Gifts Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

5. Department Store Cabinet – Georgia latest ‘investment’ piece. It was a larger project than we would normally take on but Georgia fell hard for this guy. She gave it hours of devotion. It really was a diamond in the rough.


Daughter’s Favorite Projects

By no means do these four post encompass Daughter’s love for each and every project, but these stand out most. PicMonkey Collage - Daughter

1. Canvas Christmas Gifts – Daughter made these super simple Christmas gifts for her annual Reindeer Romp holiday party. The small canvases were so well received that it made the top 4! These little guys will now be her go-to gift!

2. The Journey of Sign – Coke & KSU – What can Daughter say about this project? It was challenging, thrilling and it came together perfectly! It still is the highlight of her year.

3. DIY Charging Station – A relatively new project, the DIY Charging Station has done more than look pretty in the foyer. It is live-changing! How can you not adore a project that serves both form and function?

4. Late Winter Mantel – Daughter had a vision for this mantel – simple, neutral and textured. Daughter’s husband was extremely skeptical about the newspaper wreath, but he grew so fond of the piece that he made Daughter keep it in the dining room all year round!


Readers’ Favorite Projects

From Facebook, blog comments and Pinterest, these projects were the most talked about of the 100!

PicMonkey Collage - Reader

1. The Simplest Lampshade Re-Do – This is our second-highest pinned photo on Pinterest! We can understand why – no sew, scrap fabric and it’s fun!

2. Collegiate Burlap Garden Flags – The Crafting Crew did an amazing job on this project. We love visiting their homes and seeing their flags displayed! For the entire tutorial, see this post.

3. DIY Photo Canvas – The DIY Photo Canvas was our very first post on georgia & daughter! To this day, we still receive comments and requests for this project. Love!

4. One Yard Infinity Scarf – Who knew this project would be our top pin on Pinterest? This tells us we need to do more sewing projects!

5. Pretty in Pink – We received such positive feedback on this pink set that we had to include it in our Readers’ Favorite Post. It’s simply darling.


Again, thank you for following us for the past year! We will keep crafting, painting, DIYing and decorating as long as you are still there!

Here’s to a 100 more!

~georgia & daughter

A Faux Flower Rescue

We must have a soft spot in our hearts for salvaging unloved items. Remember when we held a Reindeer Rescue at Christmas? Well, we just had to give these faux orchids a little love before someone threw them in the trash!

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