A Faux Flower Rescue

We must have a soft spot in our hearts for salvaging unloved items. Remember when we held a Reindeer Rescue at Christmas? Well, we just had to give these faux orchids a little love before someone threw them in the trash!

In March, Daughter’s work hosted a health expo for local residents. After the successful event, one of the vendors broke the glass container on these faux orchids and asked Daughter to throw the arrangement away. Daughter’s face probably gave away her dismay but she said she would take care of it. Well, instead for tossing the arrangement, she rescued them!

Broken Glass

Daughter knew that similar arrangements could cost between $50 – $100. The arrangement below is $300!

Euro Style White Orchids 42-Inch-H Faux Flower Arrangement

The orchids did not need a huge remake or large investment. Daughter was determined to revamp this arrangement for under $10.

First, we needed to remove the old glass container.

We took the entire project outside and placed it on newspapers and an old towel. Next, the glass container was wrapped in newspaper and gently taped with a hammer.

Since the glass was super thick, it broke off quickly and in large pieces.

After we removed all of the old glass container, the orchids were left in their original resin base.

We intentionally purchased a new container large enough to accommodate the entire resin base. We searched for the same glass rectangle, but were unsuccessful in our quest. We actually bought a ‘bread basket’ from Potterybarn Outlet for $5 for our new container.


We wedged the floral arrangement into the new container and filled in the open sides with newspaper.

To cover the newspaper and old resin, we poured small rocks into the basket and filled to the brim. The rocks were purchased from Michael’s for $3.

We decided to give the new arrangement to one of our grandmothers.  Her home served as our temporary workshop and she was delighted with the makeover. She was even more surprised that she would be able to keep the arrangement! Her home is decorated with a pink, green and floral theme with a bit more formality.

georgia & daughter: Faux Floral Orchids

georgia & daughter: Faux Floral Orchids

The total project cost exactly $8 but Grandma’s smile was priceless!

~georgia & daughter

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