{DIY} Louisiana Sportsman Welcome Mat

We sincerely apologize for being MIA over the last few weeks. No worries, we are still DIYing and creating, but a few big projects have seized our attention! We were in the ‘not-so-fun’ stage of covering up nail holes, priming walls and painting large rooms; nothing exciting to share on the blog! We’ve turned the corner on the projects and will have a few amazing, revamped bedrooms to show you in the coming weeks!

Before the room transformation reveals, we want to highlight some smaller projects. Up first, our DIY Louisiana Sportsman Welcome Mat!

georgia & daughter: DIY Louisiana Sportsman Fleur-de-lis Welcome Mat

Last week, Daughter’s dear friend celebrated two huge milestones – a birthday and purchasing her family’s dream home! Her friend is originally from the heart of Louisiana and still visits her large, extended family there. Daughter wanted to create something to honor her friend’s Bayou roots for her new home in the Peach State. She decided to personalize a new welcome mat.

As you may know, the Fleur-de-lis symbol is associated with Louisiana and its long, rich history with the French culture. At first, Daughter wanted to use the traditional Fleur-de-lis symbol on a monogrammed “T” welcome mat (her friend’s last name starts with “T”).


Recently, a brilliant artist updated the traditional Fleur-de-lis symbol to represent Louisiana’s love of the outdoors and hunting. The new symbol is referred to the Sportsman Fleur-de-lis. Daughter decided to use the new version to appeal to her friend’s husband as well; he is an outdoor enthusiast and has the exact decal on his truck.


Daughter used the same process as the original DIY Welcome Mat. She started with a bare welcome mat purchased at Home Depot.


She added a border of two wide stripes and centered the letter “T”. Daughter used a sponge brush for the wide stripes and the large monogram letter.


Next, she simply enlarged the letter “T” in the middle of the mat. If you are uncomfortable with free-hand, you can print your specific letter on card stock and cut out a stencil.


After the “T” had plenty of drying time, she painted the entire graphic free hand with white craft paint. Daughter printed out the Sportsman Fleur-de-lis for reference. She used an extremely thin artist’s brush and went very slow. It was a tedious task but the end result is amazing!


IMG_1699 with logo

This gift wasn’t expensive or elaborate but it was very personalized and thoughtful. The recipients’ reactions were priceless and genuine — there is absolutely no better feeling!

Final 2 with logo

 ~georgia & daughter

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