A Patriotic Picture Frame

July 4th is absolutely our favorite holiday! Well, besides Christmas, but as it’s a close second. You may remember our over-the-top Lakeside Celebration: A July4th Boat Dock. Georgia stills loves her American Pallet Flag and hangs it in her back yard.

This year we have another amazing Americana project to reveal on Monday. Before then, we want to inspire you with a mini-project: a Patriotic Picture Frame.

georgia & daughter: Patriotic Picture Frame - July 4th



We bought several prints from Dear Lillie for our antique booth. Georgia was particularly drawn to this Star-Spangles theme chalkboard print and had to have one for July 4th.

IMG_1702 with edits

The company styled the photo in a simple white frame accompanied by an America flag. Effective but we wanted to jazz it up a bit! Chalkboard is still one of our favorite trends but we wanted to add some pop of America colors. We decided to try a new craft using inexpensive ribbon.


Here were our supplies for this easy, peasy project:

Blue Ribbon

Red & White Striped Ribbon

Inexpensive picture frame with a wide mat (11 x 14 without mat, 8 x 10 with mat)

Dear Lillie print (8 x 10)

Hot Glue & Scissors

IMG_1701 with edits

We removed the mat from the frame and measured out our ribbon.

IMG_1704 with edits

A small amount of hot glue secured the ribbon to the mat. In hindsight, scrapbook tape would have been best. The ribbon bubbles up a tad from the hot glue.

IMG_1708 with edits

An up close shot of the folder corners:

IMG_1710 with edits

We finished the red striped ribbon first.

IMG_1709 with edits

Next, we used the same method for the blue ribbon.

IMG_1711 with edits

And . . . that’s it! We placed the newly fashioned mat back into the frame! Again, so simple and striking at the same time.

IMG_1719 with edits

IMG_1721 with edits

IMG_1722 with edits

Stay tuned for our HUGE July 4th project on Monday. We are super excited to share with you!

~georgia & daughter

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