{DIY} USA Marquee Lights

We sincerely apologize. We promised this project on Monday but we hit a few bumps in the road and couldn’t complete the project until yesterday.

The July 4th holiday is finally upon us and Daughter wanted to create something grand for the occasion. Every year, Daughter and her husband’s family spend the All-American weekend in the quaint town of McCayesville, GA where a family member has a beautiful river front home. The home is spectacular with a full size pool and an outdoor ‘man cave’ (complete with a wet bar and outdoor TV) overlooking the river. It truly is a special place and the family has shared many wonderful moments there.

Daughter went searching for a ‘grand’ project to bring to the celebration. Something fun, bright and picture worthy. The gang usually hangs out by the pool all day and night so she wanted something for poolside. She started on Pinterest and was immediately inspired by Dolen Diaries DIY Outdoor Marquee Light.

DIY Outdoor Marquee Light

Daughter imagined creating a Marquee Sign with letters U – S – A. It would be the perfect backdrop against the mountain home’s pool fence. She enlisted her husband’s assistance and they created a plan.

They purchased one 4′ x 8′ sheet of Plywood and Daughter drew out each letter. This took some precision and math skills to make sure each letter was the same width.



After penciling the letters, Daughter’s husband used a jigsaw to cut out each letter. This was the most time consuming part of the whole project.



Next, they had to determine the placement of the lights. They purchased the 10-Glove Clear Hanging Garden String Lights from Home Depot. The bulbs unscrew so you can use replace the a burnt bulb.


Daughter evenly spaced the lights on each letter by how they would look when lit. Husband used a 3/4″ Spade Bit to create the perfect size hole where the lights fit snugly.



Daughter sanded and then painted the letters with Red, White and Blue craft paint.


Daughter and Husband went to tap the lights in their new locations. They were shocked when they discovered that the lights did not stretch to each hole! When Daughter was determining the location of the holes, she went by look rather than measuring the actual string of lights and the distance between light bulbs! A huge and costly mistake!


Oh No!

To correct the error, they had to purchase two extra sets of lights and skip a light in between each hole. Complete bummer! Lesson: Read the entire tutorial even if you consider yourself pretty crafty!

Skipping a light in between

Daughter and husband diligently worked each set of lights through the letters and used a staple gun to secure to wires and extra sockets to the back of the wood.

In the end, the Marquee Sign looks exactly as Daughter envisioned and will give the mountain home the perfect amount of Patriotic Pride! We’ll share a ton of photos from the weekend! We hope everyone has a fun, celebratory weekend!

georgia & daughter: DIY Marquee Light for July 4th

georgia & daughter: DIY Marquee Light for July 4th

georgia & daughter: DIY Marquee Light for July 4th

georgia & daughter: DIY Marquee Light for July 4th

~georgia & daughter

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