Things we love: Scalloped Edges

We are loving this cooler Georgia weather! In the mountains, the morning low was around 60 degrees today and it’s mid-July. We are taking advantage  — gardening, painting furniture, al fresco dining, and DIYing until our hearts content!

This past weekend, we went mission shopping. We each had a long list of items and we methodically checked off each one.  Luckily, we were able to find almost everything we needed — fabric, pillows, lampshades, art frames, etc. A long, successful day!

While Georgia was purchasing some crazy gorgeous pillows from Pottery Barn Outlet, Daughter picked up the new PB Teen catalog. Later that night, Daughter soaked in the delightful weather and sipped her favorite wine on the back deck. She browsed the PB Teen catalog and page after page, she kept noticing one thing: Scalloped Edges!

And it reminded her of the DIY Thrift Store Bulletin Board that she completed for Georgia’s home office. The frame was only $8 and with a little TLC, the entire project cost about $25. Compare that to the Potterybarn’s price of $200!

georgia & daughter: DIY Scallop Edge Bulletin Board

In case you need a history lesson today, the definition of Scalloped is to edge (cloth, for example) with a series of curved projections. The curved projections can be seen on live, free-swimming marine mollusks, having fan-shaped bivalve shells with a radiating fluted pattern. Otherwise known as Scallops. (Free Dictionary). Case in point – see the photo below.


We still LOVE scalloped edges and we’ve rounded up (pun intended!) a few of our favorite finds:

Grace Happens Scallop CurtainsScallop curtains by Grace Happens

PB Teen Scallop Statement PinboardPB Teen Scallop Statement Pinboard


Yellow Scallop Edge Quilt

PB Teen Scallop Gold Leaf MirrorPB Teen Scallop Gold Leaf Mirror


Crane & Canopy Coral Scalloped Embroidered Sheet Set


Martha Stewart Collection Scalloped Cake Stand

PB Teen The Emily + Meritt Scallop Statement Pinboard

PB Teen The Emily + Meritt Scallop Statement Pinboard


Scallop Headboard featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Scalloped edges can be used in every design aesthetics – traditional, country, or modern. They are versatile and give character to any piece. We love both regular scalloped edges such as the curtains or sheet set shown above or the more updated, inverted scalloped edge shown on the Potterybard Teen’s pinboards.

Do you have any scalloped edging in your home?

~georgia & daughter

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