A Fabulous {DIY} Upholstered Headboard

Last week, Daughter shared the progress in her Master Bedroom Makeover and at the center of the room was her new {DIY} Upholstered Headboard! Gorgeous! Today, we are sharing the step-by-step tutorial to recreating this stunning headboard. This project has endless design possibilities and only cost around $100 for a King Headboard!

georgia & daughter: DIY Upholstered Headboard

For this project, you’ll need the following for a King headboard:

4′ x 8′ particleboard ($25)

3 yards of fabric ($10 per yard)


Staple Gun & plenty of staples

Butcher paper

Queen foam mattress pad ($20)

Batting ($15)

FoamFast Spray Adhesive

Large D-Rings/ Wall Anchors/ Screws

On Daughter’s original Mood Board, she selected this headboard featured on One Kings Lane for the soft curve and dramatic color.

Teal HeadboardWith the inspiration headboard on her iPad, she traced her design on butcher paper. To make the design symmetrical, she only drew one side of the headboard. She then traced the one sided design on the particleboard and then flipped the design for the second half.

The size of Daughter’s headboard is 46″ tall from the center point of the curve and 78″ wide.




Daughter used a jigsaw to cut out the design.


For the next step, you can use regular foam purchased at a fabric store. However, this type of foam can be rather expensive but it also provides a thicker, fuller headboard. Daughter opted to use a Queen size foam mattress pad that you find in the bedding section.


She flipped the textured size toward the particleboard and trimmed around the headboard.


You’ll need to secure the foam to the board using a Spray Adhesive meant for foam. Follow the instructions carefully!


Next, Daughter added the batting. She’ll rolled out the batting and then placed the headboard (foam side down) on top. She used her staple gun to secure the batting to the back of the board. You’ll need to pull the batting snug when stapling!

Tip: For extra fullness, you could double or triple the batting layer.




After trimming the batting, the next step is the same except with your selected fabric. Daughter chose this rich teal velvet-like fabric that was on sale for $10 per yard.


While rolling out your fabric, take extra caution for a smooth layer. You’ll want to pull extra tight when stapling.




After stapling around the entire headboard, you can trim the excess fabric and batting.


Finish! You can smooth out any wrinkles or if you need to, remove a few staples if you pulled too tight. You can see in the photo below, one corner was pulled too tight.

georgia & daughter: DIY Upholstered Headboard

Daughter recruited her husband, father-in-law and cousin to help hang the heavy, large headboard.

After careful consideration, the crew decided that two large D-rings secured into studs would do the trick. They found the center of the wall and the headboard. Next, they found the studs and matched their corresponding location on the headboard. After some thinking, tinkering and trajectory, the headboard was up!





Such a bold statement! Daughter may or may not add some nail head trim later but for now she is absolutely smitten with her new bed! Let’s compare the old headboard to the new!

This is the first DIY headboard that Daughter and her husband created. It is still a nice, simple headboard but it didn’t have the pazazz that this room desperately needed!


And now, let’s sit back and admire this beauty!

georgia & daughter: DIY Upholstered Headboard

On Wednesday, we’ll show you how we hacked IKEA’s Vittjo desks into stunning gold bedside tables!

~georgia & daughter

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