IKEA Vittsjo Desk Hack

We’re back with more projects from Daughter’s Master Bedroom Makeover. Today, we are highlighting Daughter’s bedside tables (otherwise known as IKEA’s Vittsjo Laptop Desk!) They are simple, elegant and stunning!

georgia & daughter: IKEA Vittsjo HACK

georgia & daughter: IKEA Vittsjo HACK

Although Daughter had originally selected more traditional bedside tables, she could not find a pair within her budget and in the right wood tone. Frustrated with her search, she began looking for metal and glass options. Again, the search was fruitless but then she stumbled upon the simply designed Vittsjo desk from IKEA. At $40 a piece, Daughter knew she could work with them!

Original Nightstand Concept

Vittsjo Laptop Desk

IKEA Vittsjo Desk

Upon further examination, Daughter decided to paint the black metal frame gold and leave the glass top. She also thought the small ‘laptop’ nook would work perfectly for her iPad and her husband’s bedside reading.

Really, this was a overly-simple DIY project with the most difficult decision being paint choice! After a few test sprays, Daughter settled on Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Paint in Champagne Mist. This is a perfect shade of gold that is not too brassy and a gorgeous light gold! Especially for someone (like Daughter) who does not like gaudy things! Each table took about one can of spray paint. Total investment for two bedside tables equaled $92!

Rust-Oleum Champaign Mist

We love IKEA and their furniture designers truly think about the product’s consumer. The Vittsjo desks came with small cord clips that held cable/light cords against the table base instead of free falling. G-EN-IUS!


Cords 2

Daughter’s only complaint about the Vittsjo desk is the actual laptop shelf. It is not moveable or adjustable. Therefore, Daughter’s shelf is close to the bed, while her husband’s shelf is against the wall. It would be perfect if you were allowed to move the shelf to either end of the desk. Minor but still annoying.

In case you were wondering about the bedside accessories, we are breaking down those as well!

IMG_1982 with logo

Daughter’s Bedside Table

DIY Abstract Art = $12

Act, Walk, Love (Six Eight) print from Old Try = $42 (birthday present from Hubby)

Thrift Store Solid Marble Vase = $2 (Steal of the decade)

Daughter’s all-time favorite Shel Silverstein books = $25 (picked up at a used book store)

Potterybarn Clock

Revamp Lamp from auction = $2 base, with new lamp kit and shade = $32 (DIY post coming soon!)

IMG_1968 with edits

IMG_1966 with edits

IMG_1974 with logo

Hubby’s Bedside Table (a work in progress)

Revamp Lamp from auction

DIY Abstract and Chevron Art

Gold Bull Head from HomeGoods = $15

Target Basket = $10

Geometric Cube = source unknown

Daughter’s husband likes a very bare bedside table. At night, he brings his iPhone, a glass of water, his reading material and all kind of other smalls things to bed. This side is still a work in progress!

But the best item, the gold bull! The Hubby hears the phrase, “You’re a bull in a China shop!” about once a day and just happens to be a Taurus. Daughter has teased him for years that she was going to incorporate some kind of bull artwork, sculpture, statue, etc into their home to represent his ‘bull’ character. When she came across this bull bust, she knew it would find a special home above her husband bedside table.


Every home needs a little whimsy and fun! This bull makes Daughter and her husband laugh every time they see it!

~georgia & daughter

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