A New (Old) Blue Dresser

For our last project in Daughter’s Master Bedroom, we revamped an unloved dresser. Well, that is not entirely true. We purchased this wonderful dresser from our favorite auction house with the sole intent to paint it and sell it in our booth. We even tried a new Annie Sloan color and dark wax on this special ‘guy.’ Yes, we are calling the dresser a ‘guy’ because Daughter envisioned the piece in a teenage boy’s room. It was a very masculine, well done piece. Unfortunately, the little dresser had three interested buyers that contacted Daughter but yet, the dresser remained unsold. Shame.

IMG_1597 with logo

Daughter brought him home for a little R&R and he sat in the Master Bedroom to provide much needed storage. Daughter had no intention in keeping the dresser but it began to grow on her. It was also the right size for her TV corner.


So she created a plan for the masculine dresser to get a feminine makeover. A little makeup, if you will. Daughter’s inspiration photo entailed a bright teal dresser with gold hardware. Could she turn this guy into a stunning show piece?

Teal dresser

The teal in the photo did not quite jive with the blue in Daughter’s bedding. The bedding ‘teal’ dictated the dresser’s color and neither Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue, nor, the Florence worked well. So Daughter created a custom color – a combination of both.

IMG_1950 with edits

georgia & daughter: DIY Headboard

The bedding – Potterybarn’s Phillap Ikat

Tip: According to sources around the web, once you paint a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint and seal with wax, you will only be able paint over the piece with Chalk Paint. We can’t verify that this is true but luckily, we like the Chalk Paint colors that we had on hand.

When producing a custom color of paint, you’ll want to make a large enough batch to finish the entire project. Daughter accidentally ran out of her first custom color and had to create a second one. Well, she didn’t really measure the color ratio so the drawers are slightly lighter than the base.

IMG_2018 with edits

For the hardware, Daughter purchased these Rusted Metal Knobs with Ring from Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to purchase when they are 50% off!

IMG_1999 with edits

Daughter painted the knobs with her trusty Rust-Oluem Champagne Mist!

IMG_2001 with edits

That’s it! A new foundation color and some new earrings, and this old dresser is a gem!


georgia & daughter: Custom Annie Sloan Dresser

georgia & daughter: Custom Annie Sloan Dresser

For the TV center, Daughter and her husband mounted the TV and were extremely disappointed to find out that you must anchor the mount into studs. Since the studs were not centered on the wall, Daughter painted some thrift store frames ($1.50 for 3) and displayed their favorite wedding photos. It seems more balanced, right? Another thrift store bargain, the long gold enamel vase ($5) was filled with hydrangeas fresh from Georgia’s garden. It’s all about the details!

PicMonkey Collage

Here is Daughter’s inspiration photo compared to the new dresser. Pretty close!

PicMonkey Collage 4

And a little game, just for fun. After creating the original hydrangea floral arrangement, Daughter remembered that she had some cute wooden sphere picks from the thrift store. She wasn’t sure how/where/why she would use them, but at $2 for 24 picks, she couldn’t resist. Leave a comment and let us know, do you like the plain floral arrangement or the funky one?

PicMonkey Collage 2

Have a wonderful weekend!

~georgia & daughter


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