The Best $2 Spent

This is a story of a not-so-pretty floral print that received a total transformation. Incredible!

georgia & daughter: DIY Chalkboard

At the last auction we attended, Daughter picked up this very large framed print (much to some weary looks). No one else bid on the thing and we ended up paying $2! The new frame would have cost more than $20 from a craft store, so this was a no-brainer for Daughter. The framed print is 24″ x 36″ and in fairly good condition. No tears, rips or damage to the wood frame.

Tip: If you stay to the very end of the auction, you can find some great deals!


Daughter brought the frame home and decided to create a large chalkboard for the upcoming UGA football season, holidays, birthdays, etc. She purposely chose not to purchase any new paint for this project and only use what she had on hand. No extra dollars spent!

For the frame, Daughter used Cece Caldwell’s Chalk Paint in Seattle Mist, CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Wax and to age the frame, Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax.


She painted the frame first without worrying about painting the inside print. The frame received two coats of Seattle Mist chalk paint.


Next, Daughter used her left-over Chalkboard paint and carefully painted over the large floral print. Daughter followed the instructions on the paint and layered two coats.


After two coats of Chalkboard paint:


After two coats of Seattle Mist and two coats of Chalkboard paint, she sealed the frame with the Natural Wax, which is completely different than Clear Wax. (It isn’t our favorite product and we meant to purchase the Clear Wax, but it works well on this piece. We may feel differently about it on another project.)

She also wanted to age the frame so after the Natural Wax dried, Daughter covered the frame with Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax.



To kick-off college football season, Daughter decorated the oversize chalkboard with Glory, Glory! Go Dawgs!

georgia & daughter: DIY Chalkboard - UGA - Bulldogs


Daughter has a long, narrow hallway that leads from her living room to the back bedrooms. For years, she couldn’t find anything that really worked well in the space, until now! The chalkboard found it’s forever home on that empty, lonely wall. A match made in heaven!

georgia & daughter: DIY Chalkboard - UGA - Bulldogs

Like we said, the best $2 spent! So if you are looking for an inexpensive chalkboard, don’t rule out that ugly print that you can find at Goodwill or any thrift store. Look for an interesting frame, the right size/shape and the deeply discounted price!

~georgia & daughter


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