High End v. Low End Art

Over the weekend, Daughter worked on two different art projects, one high-end and one-low end. It got us thinking about our own art collections in general. Throughout our own homes, we’ve tried to balance a mixture of high- and low-end art work. The high-end art pieces were investments and art that we connected to on an emotional level. Art that we will keep for our lifetime. Yet, our taste change and so our lower-end art work reflects current trends that can be easily interchangeable. Art that we may or may not discard after a few months or years.

Personally, we believe a home should reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. A well-rounded collection of high-end or low-end art can help present their personal story. Artwork isn’t confined to framed prints or canvases. Not only do we love a well-balanced collection at different price points but we also admire a collection full of art pieces – as in, anything can be art. Art in the form of a funky mirror, vintage dishes, gallery wall, a vintage airplane, old barn wood and the list could go on and on!

PicMonkey Collage

We’ve already shared a few of our favorite inexpensive art projects and will continue to do so. For now, here are the two art projects that Daughter completed over the weekend.

Daughter has always admired the work of Michelle Armas and finally committed to That Bowtie I like art print for her Master Bedroom. (She purchased her large print from One Kings Lane.)


Michelle Armas That Bowtie I Like

She decided to remove the mirror from the vanity and replace it with the 36″ x 36″ abstract and it works beautifully! It adds more texture and color to the wall opposite of the teal headboard. A few new accessories will need to be curated to complete the vanity.


IMG_2086 with edits

Lovely, wonderful, beautiful!  But Daughter’s budget needed a rest so she focused on an inexpensive art project in the Guest Bedroom!

As the same auction that Daughter scored the $2 art print, she also picked up these old floral tin trays for cheap, cheap, cheap.

IMG_2068 with edits

Like we said, anything can be art! These would have been perfectly fine for their original purpose but wouldn’t they be divine as art? Especially in Daughter’s Guest Bedroom. She was prepared to hot glue small D-rings to the back of the trays until she found this new product (or a new product for her) on HobbyLobby.com.

IMG_2066 with edits

Pure genius! The round disc can be applied to any odd-shaped item and all you have to do is add water!

You’ll need to use a small amount of water to activate the glue on the back. Wait for five minutes and then apply it to your object. Easy!IMG_2072 with edits


Make sure to let the disc adhere to the art completely. The package recommends drying overnight before hanging.

IMG_2062 with edits

IMG_2088 with edits

Did anyone notice both pieces of work had a hint of pink? She is trying to slip the color past the Hubby.

~georgia & daughter



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