Uga Mascot Love

It’s finally football season! Ever since Daughter decorated the $2 chalkboard frame with Glory, Glory, she has been itching to create some more collegiate crafts. Today, we are sharing art inspired by the most adorable and honorable mascot, Uga.

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

For those of you not familiar with the University of Georgia, Uga (pronounced UGH – uh and it’s not the same at U-G-A) is the English Bulldog mascot. Uga was introduced in 1956 by Sonny Sieler, who stills owns and breeds the Uga line. Uga resides in Savannah, GA and made a cameo appearance in the Southern classic, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Uga was also voted Sports Illustrated No. 1 Mascot and is adored by an entire Bulldawg nation. He is the king of DGDs (Damn Good Dawgs).


PicMonkey Collage

Luckily, Daughter’s neighbor happens to be a huge Mississippi State Bulldogs fan (Luckily, MSU and UGA do not play often enough to cause tension between the friends) and so they spent a Sunday evening creating this simple, yet striking wooden plaque with the Bulldog silhouette – two for Uga and one for Bully (MSU’s mascot).


Wooden Plaque (any shape and size)

Contact Paper


Mascot Silhouette Image

Paint in School Colors

Foam paint brushes

Sand paper (optional)

Hooks (optional)



First, Daughter and Neighbor sanded the wooden plaques to remove any splitters or rough edges. Next, you’ll want to decide the base color. This first color will be your mascot’s color. Paint the entire wooden plaque in your first color choice. Daughter and Neighbor wanted a rustic, distressed look so they painted a light coat.


Allow dry time. Next, cut your mascot’s image out and trace it on your Contact Paper. The Contact Paper will act as a positive image stencil. You can find Contact Paper at a craft store or in the kitchen section of a big box store. Contact Paper has an adhesive back and will stick to the surface.



Position your Contact Paper Stencil in the desired location. Be sure to rub the edges down carefully!


Next, paint your second paint color over the entire plaque. Be careful to ease up near the outline of the mascot.


Neighbor’s MSU Bulldog


Daughter’s UGA Bulldog

While paint is slightly damp, peel the stencil away from the wood plaque. The process worked wonderfully without any bleeding. If you have some bleed through, use your first paint color and touch up.


Allow for more dry time. Lastly, add details! Daughter added a heart shaped dog collar and Uga while Neighbor scripted “Hail State.” Both ladies used sand paper to really distress and age the plaques. If you decide to hang the plaque, you’ll need to purchase and install small picture mounting d-rings.



Daughter and Neighbor were beyond thrilled with their creations and they have another millions ideas for using Contact Paper has stencils!

georgia & daughter: Mississippi State Unviersity Bully Artwork

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

A new piece of Uga art to grow Daughter’s collection

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

Daughter and her Hubby will be in Athens to cheer on the Dawgs against Clemson! Go Dawgs! And to get you hyped for Georgia football, here is Daughter’s favorite video, Awaken the Nation.

~georgia & daughter


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