Uga Mascot Love

It’s finally football season! Ever since Daughter decorated the $2 chalkboard frame with Glory, Glory, she has been itching to create some more collegiate crafts. Today, we are sharing art inspired by the most adorable and honorable mascot, Uga.

georgia & daughter: University of Georgia Uga Artwork

For those of you not familiar with the University of Georgia, Uga (pronounced UGH – uh and it’s not the same at U-G-A) is the English Bulldog mascot. Uga was introduced in 1956 by Sonny Sieler, who stills owns and breeds the Uga line. Uga resides in Savannah, GA and made a cameo appearance in the Southern classic, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Uga was also voted Sports Illustrated No. 1 Mascot and is adored by an entire Bulldawg nation. He is the king of DGDs (Damn Good Dawgs).


PicMonkey Collage

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{DIY} Mosaic Tables

Remember when we created the DIY Concrete Garden Leaves at a Blue Hair Craft Day? Well, our second project was designing Mosaic Tables! This was our first time attempting a mosaic project but luckily, we had our fearless leader, Dianne, to ease any worries!

IMG_1930 with logo

Rewind a few months – The Blue Hairs have been discussing this project for some time. Over a few months, each lady collected a ‘project’ table. One came from a yard sale, another selected from an antique store, another was saved from the donation pile and one was a family hand-me-down. The table selection is important, you’ll want a glass or wood top and preferably, with a slightly raised rim.

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DIY Concrete Garden Leaves

Thank you for all of your kind comments on the July 4th Marquee sign. It was a huge hit at the family cabin. As you can see from the photos below, the marquee was gorgeous both during the day and evening!

georgia & daughter: {DIY} USA Marquee Sign


georgia & daughter: {DIY} USA Marquee Sign

Sigh, the July 4th holiday is over but we look forward to the end of summer and new projects!

A few weeks ago, the Blue Hairs and Daughter were able to gather for a craft day. The gals worked on two different projects. We’ll reveal the other project next week but for today, we want to highlight a new DIY project that solves a garden design dilemma.

Everyone has these not-so-pretty drainage spout catchalls. Yes, they are functional but the design is just blah. There just has to be a better solution!


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{DIY} USA Marquee Lights

We sincerely apologize. We promised this project on Monday but we hit a few bumps in the road and couldn’t complete the project until yesterday.

The July 4th holiday is finally upon us and Daughter wanted to create something grand for the occasion. Every year, Daughter and her husband’s family spend the All-American weekend in the quaint town of McCayesville, GA where a family member has a beautiful river front home. The home is spectacular with a full size pool and an outdoor ‘man cave’ (complete with a wet bar and outdoor TV) overlooking the river. It truly is a special place and the family has shared many wonderful moments there.

Daughter went searching for a ‘grand’ project to bring to the celebration. Something fun, bright and picture worthy. The gang usually hangs out by the pool all day and night so she wanted something for poolside. She started on Pinterest and was immediately inspired by Dolen Diaries DIY Outdoor Marquee Light.

DIY Outdoor Marquee Light

Daughter imagined creating a Marquee Sign with letters U – S – A. It would be the perfect backdrop against the mountain home’s pool fence. She enlisted her husband’s assistance and they created a plan.

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